Today’s Luxury Katy Apartment Is Tomorrow’s Affordable Housing

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The deals of free rent in Katy Texas apartments are still going strong as the Houston area continues to grapple with a saturated multi-family housing market. As the saying goes, today’s luxury apartment is tomorrow’s affordable housing. This is certainly the case in Katy Texas where luxury Katy apartments are still coming to the market with generous incentives like two …

Houston Rent vs Buy

It’s Now More Affordable To Rent A Home In Houston Texas

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Houston rents are now more affordable than Houston area home sale prices. That is the conclusion of an analysis performed by Attom Data Solutions. Both rents and home prices have risen faster than wages in many areas of the country, but the fizzling energy boom brought a lot of new apartments to Houston. This has caused a dramatic softening in …

Lenox Trails Apartments

Lenox Trails Apartments Now Leasing Near Katy Gap Rd

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Lenox Trails Apartments has begun leasing activity for the 389 units nearing completion at 1002 Katy Gap Rd. Lenox Trails is an Oden Hughes development off of Kingsland Blvd, just east of Falcon Point Country Club. You can view floor plans and initial pricing for Lenox Trails here. Pricing for Lenox Trails apartment homes looks to be competitive, but it …

Houston Apartments For Rent

Houston Has More Luxury Apartments Than It Needs

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Houston has an oversupply of luxury apartments. The Houston luxury apartment glut is a result of the weak local economy and the irrational exuberance that also exemplified the shale oil “miracle”. Developers jumped on the liquidity freight train refusing to look at the sustainability of the boom, and now Houston is adding more apartments than jobs. This is something I …

Houston Rent vs Buy

Free Rent Offers Continue For Katy Apartments As Market Saturates

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If you are looking for free rent on a Katy Texas apartment, the deals are still plentiful. In a recent post looking a the rent vs buy equation for Katy Texas, I detailed how various real estate industry pundits often pad the numbers to make buying a home look more appealing than it really is. In that piece I provided …

2 Months Free Rent At Crossing At Katy Ranch Apartments

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For a limited time The Crossing at Katy Ranch is offering 2 months free on select floor plans on 12-month leases. This new apartment development on Katy Ranch Rd (just east of Katy Fort Bend Rd & south of I-10) has some great amenities and nice new units for those in the market. If you would like more information on …