Today’s Luxury Katy Apartment Is Tomorrow’s Affordable Housing

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The deals of free rent in Katy Texas apartments are still going strong as the Houston area continues to grapple with a saturated multi-family housing market. As the saying goes, today’s luxury apartment is tomorrow’s affordable housing. This is certainly the case in Katy Texas where luxury Katy apartments are still coming to the market with generous incentives like two months of free rent and other perks.

Looking at current incentives for Katy Texas apartments, I see at least twelve developments offering two months of free rent on longer term leases. If you are in the market for a new apartment home in Katy Texas contact us today for some of the best affordable housing options you can find on new or recently built apartments.

Prices for Houston area apartments took another nose dive in May, as the market continues to experience a dose of reality in terms of the overly-abundant supply.

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